What happened at the first Zidane conference with Real Madrid?

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What happened at the first Zidane conference with Real Madrid?

The media gathered to question Zinedine Zidane after his return to the Real Madrid training was unable to find a gap in the answers to the French legend.

"I am very happy to come back here and work again," Zidane said at his first press conference in a brief manner before answering questions from journalists for nearly half an hour.

As for his responses to the representatives of the various media, Zidane said: "It is time to change for some things, I decided to go back because Peres contacted me and as I adore this club and respect the president I came back here."

"After more than eight months I have a great desire to return, it was necessary to have a change after we achieved last season."

"It's a big responsibility. When I see the faces of the players and the people here, I know the amount of love for this club. I can not forget what we have achieved, but I can not forget the pitfalls we suffered last season by losing the league and the cup."

"I was responsible for losing the league and the cup last season," Zidane said. "I think Lopegeti and Solari are ahead of what they have to offer this team."

With regard to some of the team's stars such as Isco, Bell and Marcelo: "The players have won many titles," refusing to go into their technical problems.

"At the moment we have plenty of time to change and talk to the president for the next changes. We will have 11 matches and we have to finish the season as best we can," Zidane said.

Zidane did not hide the presence of some offers in the previous period without mentioning the source: "There were offers from many clubs and I did not want to go anywhere."

The question of Ronaldo's return to Real Madrid: "This is not the time to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player and everyone knows what he has achieved for this club."

"I do not think about the past, we have to think about the future of this club only. This is a big challenge but I have a great desire to go back to training."

Real Madrid announced hours ago that Zidane was appointed coach of Argentina's Santiago Solari for a contract until the summer of 2022.

Real Madrid achieved a historic achievement led by Zidane when he won the Champions League title for the three seasons of Tualia, before the departure of the French legend in late May.
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