US envoy: We do not discuss military intervention in Venezuela

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US Special Envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams
 Elliott Abrams

Washington announced that the US administration does not discuss military intervention in Venezuela, saying it is negotiating with representatives of the powers of President Nicholas Maduro, Russia to resolve the crisis in the country.

"Military intervention is not desirable and does not represent a path for the administration," US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said in a speech on Thursday at a hearing at the Senate International Relations Committee.

Asked whether the Bush administration was discussing military intervention in Venezuela, Abrams said: "I have not had any discussions on this."

In another context, the US envoy said he had a meeting with Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, to discuss the situation in Venezuela.

Abrams also confirmed that he met two times away from the media with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Ariasa, pointing out that these negotiations were supposed to be secret.

On the other hand, the US official stressed that the IMF and the World Bank are ready to allocate billions of dollars to reform the Venezuelan economy.

Source: Agencies
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