Roma beat Porto 2-1 in the first leg of round 16

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Roma beat Porto 2-1, On Tuesday, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League football.

Roma beat Porto 2-1, On Tuesday, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League football.

In the 70th and 76th minute, Tsaniolo scored the first goal in the 70th and 70th minutes, giving Roma his first win over Portugal in five matches in continental competitions. Spanish substitute Adrian Lopez narrowed the gap in the 79th minute.

The two teams met 4 times in the continent before the match today, winning the Portuguese team twice and twice twice.

The match did not live up to the expected level and was cautious of the two teams missed the real opportunities to score but rarely, especially in the first half.

It was the first and most dangerous opportunity in the game in the 30th minute when Brazilian striker Fernando Andrade ball from inside the area in the hands of Antonio Mirante.

Roma came back five minutes later when Bosnian striker Eddin Dzeko lifted a cross for Lorenzo Pellegrini and headed the ball over the goal. The player then received a deep shot in the back and braced for Brazilian defender Eder Milletao before reversing his shot. From the right-hand post (36).

3 goals in 9 minutes
Danilo Pereira gave the lead at the start of the second half with a header from close range after a corner kick.

The 37-year-old former Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas hit a powerful shot from Pellegrini from outside the area, 62 and then saved from a goal by a powerful shot on the fly by Pellegrini Bisra from inside the area. .

The pressure from Roma led to a final goal for Santiolo last summer from Inter Milan as Belgian midfielder Radja Naingolan was sent to the final stage when he received a shot from Dzeko inside the area, fending for himself and sending it back in the right-hand corner of Casillas.

Roma boosted the lead when Dziko fired a powerful shot from outside the area and bounced off from the right post to find Tsanyolo waiting for her to paddle through the empty net.

Porto scored their only goal three minutes later when Adrian took advantage of injured international Jazine Yacine Brahimi, a stray ball from Brazilian Tecnio Solrich inside the area, and Bisra fired to the right of Mirante 79.

Casillas saved from a third goal with a powerful shot from inside the area by Serbian international defender Aleksandr Kularov (90 + 4).


79 - Porto narrow the gap through Adrian Lopez
76- Tasaniolo adds Roma's second goal after following a rebound from Al-Qaim towards Dizko!
D 70 - ROME - Nicolo Tsaniolo opens the scoring after using a pass from Edin Dzeko inside the box!
D-57 - A corner of Porto almost produced a goal for Danilo Parreira!

The start of the second half

The end of the first half drew a white tie at Olimpico between Roma and Porto.

A minute of silence before the match, in memory of Argentine Emiliano Sala, who spent a small plane crash last month.
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