Paris St Germain beat Manchester United 2-0 at Old Trafford

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Champions League -Paris Saint-Germain returned home to a 2-0 home win over Manchester United on Tuesday in the Champions League semi-final.

Kimbembe (53) and Kélien Mbabé (60) recorded a two-team paris.

Match details - psg vs man united
The match saw the expulsion of Manchester United's Paul Pogba in the 89th minute.

 - the end of the match with a deserved win and a win of Paris Saint-Germain, who returned precious victory from the heart of Old Trafford.

89 - The Italian referee expels Paul Bugba after his intervention against Brazilian Danny Alves.
- Fast Mbabi invests his speed to sing alone but he did not succeed in scoring the third goal thanks to the brilliance of the Spanish goalkeeper.

60 - A counter-attack by the Parisian club led by Almez de Maria and a cross-legged cross for Mbabi, who had no trouble getting past De Chia.

53 - Paris St Germain advanced the first goal after the corner of a court played by de Maria on the free and last Kimbmpi easily recorded.

- Mbabi missed the goal of progress to Paris, where he headed his head but collided with the distinctive acumen de Chia, which turned it into a corner.

- Paris St Germain striker Kilian Mbabi sneaks into United's defense and is unbeaten but misses the chance of the first goal.

- The first dangerous opportunity for United in the game was the effort of Paul Bugba, who manipulated Kimbembe on the left and played a cross-stitch coped with Buffon.

- The match begins with a minute of silence to meet the spirit of Argentine Emiliano Sala, who died after the plane crash that took him to Cardiff to join Cardiff City.
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