Broccoli: The best way to cook broccoli (boring detail)

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Broccoli is a cruciferous species of cabbage and rapeseed. Cauliflower is called cauliflower, but its main name is cauliflower, and it can accumulate immature flower buds to form mature flower buds that protect cauliflower from the sun falling on it, containing chlorophyll. In this article, we will explore how to prepare broccoli.

How to cook broccoliBroccoli is a type of cruciferous which includes cabbage, turnip, and is called ... ways to cook broccoli; Method of boiling broccoli
Broccoli: The best way to cook broccoli (boring detail)

How to cook broccoli

Benefits of broccoli protect against peptic ulcers
. Protects against diabetes
. Prevents blood clots
. Lowers cholesterol
. Protects against obesity
. It protects against osteoporosis
. Protects the heart from heart attacks and strokes
. Protects against high blood pressure. Protects bones, protects the brain
. Prevents disorders in the heart
. Tonic for the immune system in the body
. Enhances body immunity.

Diseases treated by broccoli
. chest allergy
. Obesity and overweight
. Anemia
. asthma
. Lin bone in children
. hypertension
. Colds
. Constipation
. breast cancer
. Complications of diabetes.
Preparation of broccoli with garlic
the ingredients
 The head of the broccoli is cut into small pieces
. Salt spray
. Lemon juice
. The sauce is a piece of garlic
. Semi-lemon juice
. 2 tablespoons of olive oil
. Salt, and black pepper.
How to prepare
. Put in a pot on the fire with a large amount of cauliflower water section
. Leave it for five minutes on the fire with a little salt, and a little lemon
. Put the ingredients of the sauce in full with some broccoli, and leave it for an hour until it cools.
Broccoli salad
 the ingredients
 Three cups of broccoli
. Roasted green peppers
. One quarter of parsley
. Bead of choice
. A quarter cup of lettuce
. Half a cup of olive
. Four tablespoons of olive oil a little dill
. Four tablespoons of lemon juice
. Black Pepper Brush
. A little salt. Half a cup of feta cheese.
How to prepare
 We climb broccoli half-cooked
. Place broccoli with vegetables in a bowl, and then place lemon, olive oil, dill, garlic, and red pepper with salt
. Sprinkle the sauce over the vegetables, sprinkle with feta cheese on the salad.

Broccoli fried
 the ingredients
Head of broccoli
. Two tablespoons of water
. Two tablespoons of Mazola oil
. Salt, and black pepper
. Preparation of cut broccoli, and wash, and nose .. Put Mazola oil on the fire to be protected, and then put the broccoli on the fire, wait until it matures with the tradition for some time. We put black pepper, salt, a little water, and turn well.
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