A tough win for Real Madrid on Ajax Amsterdam

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 Real Madrid returned from a 2-1 defeat at Ajax Amsterdam on Wednesday in the first leg of the Champions League final.

Frenchman Karim Benzema was given the lead for Real Madrid 60, but Moroccan Hakim Ziach equalized the score 75 and substitute Marco Asencio scored the winner for Real Madrid 87.

The club has a record number of titles in the competition, 13 of whom have won five titles in the last five seasons.

The four-time defending champion, who has not won a Champions League game since 1997, has had plenty of chances, most notably the Serbian striker Dusan Tadic's right-back shot by goalkeeper Cortois.

The youth of Ajax and their speed in building the attack embarrassed the Real Madrid defense, and Moroccan Hakim Ziach almost gave his team the chance to advance to the Belgian keeper Tippo Cortua 36.

Dutch pressure on the royal defense produced a goal from Argentina's Nicolas Tagliavico, but the joy of the Dutch did not last long as Slovenian referee Damir Scomina canceled the goal with the aid of the "mouse" technique for infiltration.

The first goal in the history of the competition is canceled with the help of video technology adopted for the first time in the competition starting from the final round.

In the second period, the Real Madrid attack moved in the search for a goal to restrain the Dutch. Benzema failed in a first attempt at defender Onana's injury but in the second he managed to score the Dutch net after receiving a pass on a plate from Brazilian Vinicius.

And the ball even though for some time the owners of the land for their outstanding performance in this match after the Moroccan international Hakim Ziash in the equation of the result (75).

The match was on the way to the end of the 1-1 draw, but Marco Asencio variant had a different opinion when he received a perfect cross from Carvajal and put it in the goal of goalkeeper Onana, who made a mistake in assessing the course of the ball (87).

Danish substitute Casper Dulberg missed a penalty for Ajax with a weak shot that was intercepted by Kurtwa smartly (90 + 3).

This is the eighth win for Real on Ajax in the first continental tournament against 4 losses in 13 games.

Real will play at home on March 5

Details of the meeting

The end of the meeting with an important victory for Real Madrid on Ajax, the absolute hegemony over the course of the meeting performance and opportunities for guidance.

A second goal for Real Madrid: Marco Ascencio invests a tight cross from Carvajal and shakes keeper Onana's goal.

75th minute equalizer for Ajax: Moroccan Hakim Ziach is equal to Ajax after his success in the fallacy Curtua.

60 goals for Real Madrid: Venecius with his usual speed goes beyond the defense of Ajax and passes on a plate towards Benzema and the latter is shot inside the goal of Onana.

DUC 51: The goalkeeper Andrei Onana flashes and blocks the shot of Karim Benzema.

The end of the first period of absolute control of the youth of Ajax Amsterdam on the game.

37 goals scored for Ajax: Dutch pressure brings the goal of progress through the Argentine Nicolas Tagliavico, but the referee and with the help of video technique eliminates the goal of infiltration.

A serious chance for Ajax: Moroccan Hakim Ziach missed the opportunity to open the score when he shot from his good position but goalkeeper Cortois saves the situation.

A dangerous opportunity for Ajax: Serbian striker Dusan Tadic touches the right-hand side of goalkeeper Cortois.

ROME 14: Venecius could have opened the score for Real without the graceful intervention of goalkeeper Andriana Onana and his success in repelling the shot.

9: Moroccan Naseer Mazraoui receives a minute pass inside the area of the penalty of Real and his pass in front of the goal of Cortois.

Slovenian referee Damir Scomina gives a start-up against Johan Cruyff's clash between Real Madrid and host Ajax Amsterdam

Dutch musician and violinist Andrei Ryo made a great musical before the start of Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam.
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