Keto Diet: Why is the best in weight loss?

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Keto diet meals are low carbohydrate diet and protein rich

Dietetic meals should contain 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% starch. We will show examples of reliable meals to start with ketodate, low carbohydrate rich in protein and fat.
Keto Diet meals

Are you overweight and have tried many diets and have not succeeded? Are you bored with dieting based on fat-free foods? Here is the keto Diet.

Keto diet  are good at weight loss and fitness, but it is not the easiest diet to apply, so the following errors at an early stage can threaten the goal of weight loss:

1. Do not calculate carbohydrates
The aim of Quito Dieting is to force the body to stop burning its preferred energy stock - the glucose from the carbohydrates eaten - and start burning fat in return for energy. The body does this by converting fat into ketones, in the case of ketosis. Dieters can digest, by reducing their carbohydrate intake, but to do so properly, the amount of daily carbohydrate in dieting should be determined by 20 grams of pure carbohydrate, ie, carbohydrate foods, as well as carbohydrates available in fiber. Note that carbohydrates accumulate quickly, even when we choose low-content foods such as spinach and avocado.

2. Not enough consumption of fat
We may have difficulty understanding the concept of dieting because it calls for healthy fats, which means eating foods such as avocados, coconut oil, meat, coconut cream, olives, animal fat, chicken, butter, fatty fish (salmon, sardines), nuts and seeds. This diet also allows you to eat heavy creamy dairy products, although whole milk is not allowed to drink!

3. Eat protein Buffer
Ensures nutrient uptake in: fat, protein, carbohydrates, body balance and energy. In this context, "Quito Quito" consists of: 20% protein, 5% carbohydrate, and 75% fat. If you consume too much protein, weight loss is guaranteed, but many do not realize that excessive protein consumption can prevent the process of "ketosis". Therefore, some smart phone applications are designed to help the individual to track what he eats.

4. Not planning meals
Eating out of the house during Quito Quay may be difficult, which requires advance meal planning, which deletes high-carbohydrate fast food. In this context, the development of a weekly meal plan, and if used to this end, must begin to fill the nutrients in the cells in advance, which helps to get an idea of ​​the total will be addressed, in order to make adjustments to reach the goals of the day more easily.

5. How much fiber is too low
While focusing on eating a diet high in fat, protein and carbohydrates, you should also make sure you get enough fiber, which is not always achieved. In this context, there are some foods high in fat, low in carbohydrates, and also contain fiber, and include: nuts, seeds, avocados and pumpkins.

6. Increase in artificial sweeteners
When followed by Quito diet, white sugar, honey and all synthetic sugars are not allowed to be consumed with carbohydrate. One study noted that eating artificial sweeteners may increase craving for eating, especially sweet schnitzels, which may destroy the goal of weight loss.

Opinion of nutrition expert
Nutrition expert Diana Amich told readers of "Madam Net" that low-carbohydrate and high-fat carbohydrates, and its role in weight loss, are effective in treating epilepsy, but adds that "there is no definite evidence that it benefits trainees in the long term "Each diet will achieve weight loss for its followers, initially, but the goal of dieting is to persevere and maintain the results achieved. Thus, Quito does not guarantee the maintenance of the lost weight, but rather introduces its trainees to the body-damaging "Kitosis" phase. The body usually uses glucose from starches to generate energy, but if you follow the "Quito diet" the body will use fat instead of the use of sugar starch, which causes the body to produce toxins in the function, which requires treatment.
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