10 Steps to Getting Rid of Addiction to Pornography

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10 Steps to Getting Rid of Addiction to Pornography

10 Steps to Getting Rid of Addiction to Pornography
10 Steps to Getting Rid of Addiction to Pornography

Watching pornographic films is no longer just fun to spend time, it is a condition that may sometimes require drastic measures to stop it.

The studies have shown that the effect of watching movies is similar to drinking alcohol or drug use because of the body's secretion of large amounts of dopamine, testosterone, and exetocin, which gives a sense of euphoria, and once the body is a quantity, Thus doubling the duration of watching movies.

In addition to physical addiction, the person involved in this maze also suffers from psychological addiction by creating fake relationships with the world of pornographic movies and to reduce the damage that you may have already inflicted on yourself physically and psychologically. If you are a category of pornographic films, Get rid of this addiction.

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I. Recognition of the problem:

Before you do anything radical you have to admit to yourself at least that you have a problem with addiction to pornographic movies. You have to be frank with yourself and face the fact that you spend a lot of time watching articles that have left a negative impact on your emotional and physical life.

2 - Develop a plan that suits you:

Write down all the reasons that stop you from seeing them. Do you want, for example, to live a better married life? Whether or not you want to remain a slave to your desires and desires that lead you to places you never imagined you would engage in. You may also need to address your self-esteem, because most pornographic addicts hate themselves after you've seen them.

III - Difficult task on yourself:

Being in front of your computer is a daily life, making it harder to get rid of your habit. You should block pornographic sites through many programs that you can use, and the more complex the decryption, the better.

And try to use the computer when you are in a group and avoid being in a closed room, you can also not use the wireless connection only when you really need to use the computer, make wireless reconnection also difficult task, in the end, the harder the task on yourself said you want to watch; Access to these articles is your trouble in this world.

Fourth: Do not rush things:

Take every day, if you watch pornographic films for long periods, you probably will not be able to stop completely in one day. The process should be done quite gradually, as nicotine addicts, alcohol and drugs are dealt with. Reducing the viewing time is the starting point. So reward yourself with your favorite dessert, for example, and even buy yourself a gift for your efforts.

V. Change your habits:

Select the times you think most about sex, identify places or events that lead you to think about pornographic movies. If you are in a closed room that prompts you to watch movies, do not close the door or the computer. Do you watch movies when the family comes out? Identifying times and events will make their change easier. All you have to do is avoid them, so you will be forced to control your desires.

VI. Perform various activities:

If it's time for you to take control of your life, do sports like jogging or jogging or visit the club. Sports does not just keep you away from your computer. , But gives you the happiness and psychological comfort that deprived you of your addiction to pornography, find a hobby that keeps you outside the home, photography or drawing, for example.

This will change your life when you stop watching pornographic movies
Think about your relationship with your wife:

You have pornographic movies on the one hand and you have a wife you love on the other. Combining the two relationships is impossible, so you have to choose. Do you want an eternal relationship with a computer or with a woman who loves you and cares about you? The choice is yours if we strongly recommend the second option, because it is your way to a happier life. The first is your way to destroy yourself and everyone you love.

Avoidance of setbacks:

It is known that you usually get setbacks when you quit a person's addiction, and to avoid going back to what you were setting your goal to set the rules that serve it. The goal is to drop out altogether from watching movies and the program that suits you is to plan your days in a way that prevents you from watching them. If you run into the forbidden, do not feel despair, you can try again, provided you do not give up.

IX - Religious and moral grounds:

All religions forbid watching pornographic movies. Returning to God will help you get rid of this bad habit. Religion will count you with the necessary moral values ​​that make the concept of wrong and correct things clearer, and worship gives you the psychological comfort and happiness that provides you with the strength to get rid of your addiction.

X. The use of a specialist:

If you have repeatedly tried and failed, and if your rate of viewing pornographic movies has been unreasonably overstated, it may be time to hire a doctor or psychologist to help you get through it.

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