"Did you know" what are the first things strange you notice ... women in men.

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Here is my dear "man" strange things that "women" see in you:

Here is my dear "man" strange things that "women" see in you:

The feet of the man: Some men have muscular body, but their legs do not correspond to the shape of their upper body, and women may notice it easily, and find it strange.

His nails: It is strange to prolong the man's nails, unless a guitarist, long nails were created for women, and it is really bad to see a woman with a man with long nails and disorderly.

His behavior: The woman loves that man who opens her car door when she arrives, pays the bill without telling him, or respects her family and friends, but some behaviors may be strange to him as if he starts eating before everyone else, and the woman should watch it.

The kind of flattery that it offers: It is normal for a woman to walk when a man praises her beauty, but hearing her to flatter himself many times makes her weary in the end, a strange behavior by a man.

Facial expressions: The first thing a woman sees in a man is his face, especially his eyes, and she must feel that he is honest. The strange facial expressions worry her and keep her away from him.

The watch: The man chooses only an hour often, so it is strange that a woman finds a man wearing a gold necklace, a gold ring and a precious hour, it becomes exaggerated.

Look at the man's shoes to see if it is appropriate with his clothes, though it is clean in the right way; because shoes in a completely different color with the dresses may be strange indeed.
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