What is the most city contained on bicycles

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What is the most city contained on bicycles.

What is the most city contained on bicycles.

From a young age, children in the Netherlands are taught to use aerobics. The Dutch believe that their use of bicycles is the best thing to keep them healthy and their environment.

The city of Amsterdam is the largest city for bicycle use. It is called the "bicycle capital". The population is twice as many as the number of bicycles. Most of them have 1 bicycle to 2 bicycles per person.

Children are trained from an early age and when they reach secondary school they are tested for driving the bike, to be given a bike driving license.

The Dutch have many types of bicycles, and these types of special type of parents and has small seats in the back for children aged 2 to 5 years, and there is a kind of electric bicycles, which helps the user to drive without much effort.

There are also many other types, such as a bicycle with a passenger 2, and there is a type of passenger in front of me, and another for the race.

When you buy a jacket for your bike, there is a great advantage. The Dutch have a test device. The user is tested inside a box and is controlled by the speed of the wind coming in front of him as he sits driving his bicycle. This test provides the result of whether the jacket is capable of heating the user .
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