"Pregnant" How you can protect yourself from obesity during pregnancy.

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The "pregnant" must quench 5 foods that cause weight gain during pregnancy.

The "pregnant" must quench 5 foods that cause weight gain during pregnancy.

If you have a lack of any essential vitamin or food, your child will inevitably be affected. If you are overweight or underweight before pregnancy, you should have a healthy diet with your doctor.

But what do you do during pregnancy?

 The rate of increase in calories during pregnancy does not exceed 300 calories, and this after the third month.

 The most important foods that cause weight gain are:

Starches, should not be too much pregnant; because they cause obesity, such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, reduce the intake of cake and biscuits.

- Avoid too many salty and stored foods such as marinated, pickled, sardine, salted, and fennel; they affect blood pressure and store water in the body, affecting the weight of both mother and fetus.

To reduce fat intake as much as possible, it is advisable for the pregnant woman to cook with corn oil, and to refrain from ghee, butter, cream and cream. Saturated fatty acids give too many calories. This increases the weight of the pregnant woman and the accumulation of fat, which makes it difficult for her to lose weight after birth.

- Reduce sugars and sweets manufactured, because they contain many calories, and the replacement of honey as a sweetener for sugar drinks.

- Refrain from soft drinks and artificially sweetened juices in general; they prevent the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, which causes bone weakness and abnormalities in the skeleton of the fetus as well as weight gain.

Diet Course:

One quarter brown bread or one brown toast, half brown bread or half a cup of corn flakes.
Low-fat cheese or a slice of cheddar cheese, two tablespoons of liquid cheese, or low-fat cheese triangles, boiled eggs or 3 tablespoons large beans.
Half cup fresh juice or fruit.

- A fruit or half a cup of fresh juice.
- 3 "Burr" burger or 3 grilled bran.

the lunch:
A cup of steamed vegetables or an oven (except potatoes) + 2 teaspoons olive oil.
Three quarters of brown bread, or 8 spoons of rice, pasta, crackers, or boiled potatoes.
90 grams, the size of the mouth, meat, fish or chicken (grilled or boiled or by oven or steam).
Great green salad platter.
Bake a fruit or a glass of fresh juice.

One quarter cup of nuts + 3 passing beads.

the Dinner:
Slice toast or quarter loaf of bread or a slice of bran cheese + a large spoon of cheese or a slice of low-fat cheese + a small dish of green salad.

Drink at least one and a half liters or two liters of water and exercise daily for half an hour in the case of normal pregnancy.
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