From uk "a new technique" to help people with heart disease

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From uk "a new technique" to help people with heart disease

A team of researchers has found a new way to analyze CT scans, saying they can predict the risk of a heart attack years before they occur.

The technology, developed by teams from Oxford University and institutions in Germany and the United States, has developed computational solutions to screen coronary lipid (CT), according to CT scans, Reuters reported on Friday.

These fats change when an artery strikes, making it an early warning system for about 30 percent of heart attacks, researchers believe.

"If you can detect inflammation in the arteries then you can see which artery ... will cause a heart attack," said Charalambos Antoniadis, a professor of cardiovascular diseases in Oxford.

"With this new technique we have, we can do this with simple CT scans."

Most heart attacks result from fatty deposits within the artery, which hinder blood flow.

At present, CT scans show doctors when the artery becomes narrow due to plaque.

Using the new technology, which researchers hope will win approval from regulators on both sides of the Atlantic within a year, doctors will be able to identify narrowed arteries.

Heart disease and stroke are the two leading causes of death worldwide.
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