"Boeing Airplanes" Company... with latest version.

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"Boeing Airplanes"Company ... with latest version,Take a look at the new plane with two wide and folding wings.

"Boeing", the 102-year-old aircraft maker, has introduced a new round of two folding wings, the 777X.

Both wings have the ability to give the aircraft extra power and allow it to travel freely through the airport corridors as they have the ability to fold. The length of the wing will be 235 feet, and for the length of the wing wing, it will be 12 feet, as it will be well-mounted to prevent wings from collapsing while flying.

The aircraft has a 12 per cent fuel efficiency, compared to an Airbus A350, according to "Boeing".

The wing is the first of its kind in commercial aircraft. In fact, the US Federal Aviation Administration has drafted laws for the X9-777 and X8-777 aircraft.

The suite comes after testing the X9-777 at the Everett Facility in September. The aircraft will undergo a year of tests on the ground, to ensure its structural strength and accuracy of design.

Although the design of the aircraft is largely complete, it lacks elements, such as engines and the avionics system.

"The test is our chance to check the design of the airframe and its components, while ensuring that the final production will be safe for customers and passengers," said Boeing's X777 test driver, Dorin Bengo.

The airframe is made of aluminum, but its wings will be made of lightweight carbon fiber, which helps fuel.

Number of seats: between 350 and 425 passenger seats, scheduled to enter the aircraft service in 2020.
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