When will your baby give you the first tablespoon?

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When will your baby give you the first tablespoon?

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The age of introduction of non-dairy solid food has changed considerably over the years. Until recently, the British Health Authority recommended feeding four to six months, while the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that babies be breastfed for up to six months after which the mashed food was gradually introduced. Many countries follow WHO's advice now. However, it is important to recognize that the reason for WHO's advice is that there is a problem with the quality of nutrition in developing countries where breast milk is the cleaner and easily available for infants.

Health experts agree that research and medical theories are not in keeping with the nature of all children. Statistics show an increase in the number of mothers entering the first baby food before the age of six months. This does not mean that all children are equal in terms of food acceptance. Pediatricians say that as long as the child accepts the food, you can continue to give it to him, either if he refuses it before the age of six months, do not worry, this is normal.

When do you know that a child is ready to eat his first food?

1. When he remains hungry after a saturated feeding meal.

2. When he stays awake during the night and cries for food.
3. Breastfeeding diets are repeated more than usual.

Nutrition experts say children may start eating their first 17-week food. Before that, the digestive system and the immune system are not fully developed.

However, the first meal for the baby should not be delayed for more than six months. Your baby needs to learn how to chew and swallow foods. Food chewing helps him develop important muscles for speech. If you delay food for more than six months, your baby may find it difficult to learn speech skills.

Let the child choose the size of the meal. It may take a long time for the child to get used to food with the suspension, and food may come out repeatedly from his mouth, but that does not mean he does not taste the food, but you will notice that he learns the skill of pulling food in his tongue, swallowing it.

Make sure to offer a wide variety of mashed foods at first so that the child gets used to different tastes, but do not offer them all at once. But choose one type each time.

The first meals start with one spoon. Yes, do not ask for the small size. The baby needs a small amount first. If you feel that he is accepting food, and ask for more, add another spoon, but do not expect to eat the whole dish for the first time.

Tips & Cautions:

• Prepare a clean dish and a plastic spoon for the baby that does not feed it with spoons.
• Bring a cup of boiling water and coolant near you when you feed the child until you help him absorb the food.
• Wipe off the baby's mouth after the meal.
• Do not receive quickly If the child refuses food, the child needs at least 3 times to get used to the bait.
• Do not use spices, salt or sugar when preparing a baby's meal.
• The best food for baby boiled and mashed apples without peel, pears, mashed rice and rice water
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