Eminem replies to Machine Gun Kelly by new song "KILLSHOT"

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Eminem replies to  Machine Gun Kelly by new song  "KILLSHOT"

Eminem replies to  Machine Gun Kelly by new song  "KILLSHOT"

It was 6 years ago. In 2012, singer Machine Gun Kelly starred on Twitter Eminem daughter, who was then 17 years old., was hot. Eminem held a grudge. Two weeks ago, Eminem came out with the surprise album Kamikaze, and he went after Machine Gun Kelly on the song “Not Alike.” Machine Gun Kelly returned fire a few days later with his song “Rap Devil.” And now this has erupted into a full-blown feud with yet another Eminem song aimed at MGK.

On “Rap Devil,” MGK made fun of Em’s recent music, claimed that Em had had him banned from Shade 45, goofed on the fact that Eminem is shorter than him, and said that Em can’t take a joke. Mostly, clowned Eminem for being old and out-of-touch. This came in the middle of another white-rapper feud for Machine Gun Kelly, against G-Eazy. And as these things go, it’s not bad.

In his new response “Headshot,” Eminem starts off by bragging that he “left hickeys on” Rihanna’s neck last night, which is one hell of a claim. He goes on to clown MGK for selling nowhere near as much as Em has, calls MGK the lamer version of him, says that he’s got more fans than MGK in MGK’s own city, and accuses MGK of going after him for “clickbait.” Here’s Em’s song:

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