albino animals

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albino animals

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Humans are not only limited to humans. Other animals carry these genes as well. The effect of bullying on organisms is usually more dangerous in the animal kingdom, where eyesight and skin pigmentation are usually associated with survival.

There are no honest records of the horsemanship in horses, since white horses do not have rosy eyes which distinguishes true gait in animals.

One example of a well-known Albanian animal, a road born at Bristol Zoo in Britain in October 2002 and died in August 2004, is known as Snowdrop. A unique alpino gorilla known as Nafumungi lived in the Barcelona Zoo for years.

Cats can carry a mutant gene, which looks like white fur and blue eyes, and a large proportion of them are deaf.

Fishes and frogs are found in nature and sometimes sold in pet shops, where their absence is desirable for breeders and bakers.

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